Les Gravels sweet white 2017


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Area of productionAOC Gaillac
Soil and climateThe vines are planted on a plateau corresponding to the 2° terrace of the Tarn river. The Domaine Rotier Terroir is composed of very nice gravelly soils.
Grape varieties80% Loin de l'Oeil, 20% Sauvignon
Climate conditions2017 was quite dry but contrasted. At the end of April the frost haven't wrought too much damage in the vineyard. June, July and August were dry but with some little rain which permeted a good vegetative growth of the vines. Vine harvest of beautiful and very good grapes occured between September 28th and October 5th.
Type of winemakingThe must fermented at 18°C and the fermentation has been stopped (with cold settling and filtration to avoid adding too much sulfites) to keep around 90 g/l of residual sugar.
Type of ageingAgeing in tanks lasted a few months, only to keep the fruitiness of the wine. Bottled on August 29th 2018.
Tasting notesIntense nose with scents of citrus and white fruit (peach). The mouthfeel is soft and fresh, with a very nice balance between richness and acidity.
Food recommandationIt should be served between 8-10°C. It is stunning as an aperitif, and will match perfectly with foie gras and fresh fruit desserts.

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