« Gaillac wines & Domaine Rotier, a love story... »

Alain ROTIER, Francis MARRE and their team cultivate a family organic vine estate, located in south of Gaillac, on a gravelly plateau corresponding to the middle alluvial terrasse of the Tarn river.

The deep bond between the vine-growers and their terroir here gives birth to great Gaillac wines, reflections of unspoilt nature. Born for a large part of local grape varieties Duras (red) and Len de l’El (white), they are original and unique.

Appreciated by a large and faithful custom of wine-retailers, restaurants and private individuals in France and a lot of countries, they carry high and far Gaillac wine fame.

Enter also into the large Domaine Rotier’s friends family !


Our beliefs…

Temporary managers of this small corner of land where life has placed us, we must make it bear fruit to pass on to the next generations. Taking care of the Earth and Life to produce Just and Good, this is the spirit that animates us at Domaine Rotier.

Our team…

Around Francis at the vineyard and Alain at the cellar, a team made up of Sandra, Hélène and Philippe, ensures the smooth running of the estate. Each year, a companion of the Devoir and the Tour de France completes it, as well as several seasonal. It is on average a dozen people who make the Domaine Rotier live !

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Bonne année 2022 !
… for excellent Gaillac wines !

On this family estate, located between Gaillac and Albi, on the gravel soils of the terraces of the Tarn, organic viticulture has become evident over time. The same applies to the use of local grape varieties, Duras (red) and Len de l’El (white), original and unique.

With humility and exactness, we strive to bring forth AOC Gaillac wines of excellence, reflections of the millennial alliance of man with his terroir.