The terroir of the Domaine Rotier

GravelsGravel floors for original wines

Domaine Rotier is located south of the AOC Gaillac, on the gravel floors of the Tarn terraces. This soil, composed mainly of gravel and pebbles, allows a very interesting drainage for the development of grapes. Read more >

A climate hub

Moreover, because of its location, the Domaine Rotier finds itself at the confluence of several climates: east of the Aquitaine basin, it benefits from an oceanic climate attenuated by a marked Mediterranean influence. Often swept by the wind of Autan, the region gives our vineyards a dry and warm air, ideal for the ripening of grapes. Read more >

Original and unique grape varieties

The grape varieties used are mostly local or regional. Duras (red) and Len de l’El (white), for example, are unknown elsewhere and are emblematic of Gaillacois wines. Read more >

Passing through our region, do not hesitate to visit our domain to better know the richness of our terroir! With friends, family or even in company, we welcome you to the heart of the vineyards for tastings and guided tours.