Les Gravels dry white 2022


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Area of productionAOC Gaillac
Soil and climateThe vines are planted on a plateau corresponding to the 2° terrace of the Tarn river. The Domaine Rotier Terroir is composed of very nice gravelly soils.
Grape varieties85 % Loin de l'Oeil, 15 % Sauvignon.
Climate conditions2022 was the hottest and driest year ever recorded in Gaillacois. In these conditions, the sanitary state of the vegetation and the grapes was perfect, without having to treat, except at the beginning of the campaign. Flowering and fecundation went well and the harvest could have been abundant. Unfortunately, green harvesting was necessary to allow the remaining grapes to ripen in good conditions. The intense drought did not allow the stumps to feed the grapes normally. The harvest was early, with quality berries, but containing less juice. It took place from 22 to 30 August.
Type of winemakingThe must fermented at 18°C in tanks.
Type of ageingAgeing in tanks lasted several months. Bottling occured on March 10th 2023.
Tasting notesThis wine develops intense aromas of peach, pear, tropical fruit and citrus. It is well balanced on the palate.
Food recommandationIt should be served around 8°C. It will be an excellent aperitif, and will match with delicatessen, seafood, fish and soft goat or ewe cheeses.

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